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Ensuring your new luxury home build runs smoothly throughout the entire process

Capri Building Group’s quality luxury custom built homes follow a well organised and proven building process to ensure that your new home gets built smoothly, on budget and with minimal disruptions. 

Are you aware that upwards of 70% of building designs are never built. This is due to the fact that during the design process, there are no mathematical calculation on the costs involved to complete the build. 

I’d like to explain why Capri Building Group do things differently…

We work with our clients throughout the entire design phase so that your new home will get built with the realisation of your vision in mind. This is all due to our process . A Professional Builder who specialises in one area of building, who has years of experience in this field together with a professional team of designers & architects is the complete package.

I’d like to share some helpful advice to prospective clients – the only way to ensure that costs are known throughout the design phase is to work with an experienced professional builder who guides the designers & architects and implements the most cost effective building procedures.

Please see our step by step process below …

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Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

The first meeting will be conducted in the comfort of your own home where we will discuss our building process, how this is different from others and the benefits to you. During this meeting we’ll also discuss how we can get your new home built within budget and on time, saving you thousands of dollars in the process. During this consultation you will:

  • Meet with our Director/Builder Chris Eades
  • Discuss a brief series of questions so we can understand more about what you’re looking to create so we are able to provide you with advice and ensure we are the right builder for you.
  • Discuss all aspects to achieve a preliminary building agreement 
  • Soil tests
  • Concept drawings
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • Engineering
  • Council approval

Following our first meeting, we consider all information to give you an indication of our expected project cost. This enables us to start working towards milestones, budget allocations and expectations. From here a preliminary building agreement is drafted up and sent through for approval before the real fun begins.


Preliminary Design and Estimation

Preliminary Design and Estimation

Our designers work with you to develop your building plans (or if you have existing plans they’ll work through them with you to make any changes you might like). Since it’s your home, it’s no surprise that you’ll be involved every step of the way until you’re completely satisfied with the design and the preliminary building proposal. From the moment you select Capri Building Group as your builder, you’ll get access to all of your project information through our online portal and mobile app. This is the central knowledge base for your build, where you can access all of your project details, product selections, schedules, milestones and cost information.

At this stage, it’s where you get your first glimpse at the realities of having your luxury custom built home, you will:

  • Meet with the building designers and discuss in detail your design brief.
  • Develop a preliminary design to your brief.
  • Conduct soil testing and contour surveys.
  • Gain a price indication subject to engineers design and selections.

Working Drawings, Planning Approval and Selections

Working Drawings planning approval and selections

During this stage we’ll work together to finalise all of your working drawings and our expert staff with guide you in completing all of your selections. With our system, this gives you total control of your budget and eliminates the need for any prime cost and provisional sum items. All this is happening whilst your plans are lodged to council for approval: 

  • Working drawings completed.
  • Engineering design. 
  • Your selections of fittings, fixtures and finishes are completed and entered into our online portal.
  • Private certifier is engaged and plans are submitted for approval.
  • Energy efficiency finalised.

Contract and Finance

Contract and Finance

You’re almost ready to start building and we now have all the information required to give you a fixed price contract.  As you have been working with us throughout the entire process using our online systems, it has really opened up communication and allowed you to seamlessly be in control of your budget. So now it is time to receive your final proposal and sign a fixed price contract. 

Once the contract is signed, we will then be able to provide you with a bank pack to get your finance approved, pay your deposit and lock in the start date!


Building Process

Building Process

Throughout every step of the build process, we work closely with you so you can enjoy a seamless process from concept right through to completion. Our rigorous project management system means that we meet every scheduled milestone. Our contract manager makes sure that we meet all of the contract conditions and, most importantly, continue to guide you through every aspect of the build to ensure you enjoy building your luxury dream home.

Our system really does let you be in control of building your new home. From the budget to communicating with the builder and our professional contractors, it really is all at your fingertips and in one place. You’ll never be searching through emails as everything is logged in the system. Even if you can’t make it to site, a daily log is kept up to date so you are able to see what is happening every single day of the project.


Practical Completion

Practical Completion

The final stage is where we get to show you through your amazing new home. This is our favourite part because we demonstrate all of the features throughout your home – we even turn on all of the appliances so you can see that they work. We also provide you with our 7 year structural warranty and we’ll stay in touch with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied and love your new home.

Remember that if you decide to engage a designer or an architect first, upwards of 70% of building designs are never built.

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