Considering a knock down rebuild on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?
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knock down rebuild gold coast sunshine coast

Are you considering a knock down rebuild on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast? If so, you need to read this.

knock down rebuild gold coast sunshine coast

As land by the seaside or in the valleys becomes far more scarce and our population in South East Queensland explodes, you will find that to build your dream custom home on a block you truly love, you may be required to actually knock down an existing property first.

Now the most common misconception is that it is simply a case of getting the bulldozer out to site and taking everything out to be sent off to the tip. We are here to dispel those myths and explain to you what a knock down rebuild REALLY means and what is involved with the process.

First is the most common question we get asked and that is, how much extra does it cost? The cost will always vary depending on the home and block itself. The good news is that, even with an existing dwelling, it is quite close in cost to a comparable vacant block of land on its own. This is in regards to details like clearing of trees and prevention of environmental damage, temporary fencing, the necessary reports and so on, so you can still achieve acquiring the dream block of land without worrying about budget blow out

The next question that is most common is how much longer will it take by going down this path rather than a vacant block? To be honest it is not a huge difference at all to the standard build time frame. You can expect the entire process from demolition to handover to take anywhere from 8 to 12 months however once again this is all determined by the size and complexity of your project.

So at this point, you can still consider that stunning block of land with the great views you have had your eye on without concerns about budget or timeframe.

One of the more frequent elements of many knock down rebuilds is to factor in asbestos removal, bearing in mind that these are generally much older homes that were not built to conform to today’s safety standards regarding materials and installation. This being the case, there is a firm process that any professional builder, including ourselves, should follow when arranging removal of asbestos. This includes reporting, air monitoring, conforming to council regulations and a site clean with a clearance certification at the end of it all. Once more this is nothing for you to be concerned about as only licensed and registered companies are permitted to undertake these works with the builder organising everything.

Protecting the existing and surrounding natural environment is also paramount when demolishing an existing property. To start with, an arborist report is required should it be determined that any vegetation needs to be removed which clarifies what can and can not be cleared. Please bear in mind that this is the exact same process for a vacant lot as well that may have vegetation present. In the case of wildlife, and where a home is in slightly more dense bushland, it is vital that there is a ‘spotter’ onsite at all times throughout the demolition to keep a close eye out for animals residing in the trees and surrounding bushland that may be affected.

As mentioned earlier, temporary fencing is also an imperative step in keeping the site safe for those that are both onsite as well as the general public outside of the fencing. It also prevents any new animal species taking residence on a job site for the most part.

You will also need to consider the storage and removal of what is coming down with regards to skip bins, heavy machinery and the transportation and disposal of waste products following the demolition. When dealing with a professional builder all of this is factored into both the timeline and the budget from the very start so all of a sudden the knock down rebuild option may start to seem much more appealing at this point right?

One of the key elements of the knock down process is keeping your new neighbours in mind. There would be nothing worse than to start your new chapter in your new home next door to people who you got off on the wrong foot with. A big part of this is ensuring there is no damage to their property or border fencing. There is also a lot of dust that can be picked up and to prevent this from affecting neighbouring properties you will see building team members onsite with either a hose or an outdoor sprinkler set up constantly to keep as much dust out of the air as possible whilst demolition is underway. The final point to remember when dealing with the neighbours is to ensure your builder only ever works within the timeframes allowed by council unless special permits are approved in extenuating circumstances, however please keep in mind that these approvals are few and far between, particularly on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast home builds.

Finally, the most important part of the entire process is right at the beginning when you are seeking out a professional builder to ensure they have proven processes and that every little detail is covered prior to even putting up the first section of fencing.

It also pays to work closely with a bespoke custom home builder who understands that the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast locations are unique with respect to moving further away from available blocks of land on the coastline and progressing more towards knock down rebuilds as we move forward.

So there you have it!

A little more than just a bulldozer and a skip bin to consider right? In saying that, it should now be a much clearer process for you when it comes to what a knock down rebuild entails and that it is not as scary as some people think it may be.

So it may be time to open up your options further and start your custom home build journey by looking at some older properties on the most beautiful blocks of land available by the seaside.

Your South East Queensland lifestyle awaits.

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