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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no hidden costs. At Capri Building Group, we present you with a guaranteed fixed price based on the construction drawings and specifications you have provided to us. Your tender price will only change if an allowance has been made for an item in the contract and you go over that allocated amount. Also any selection items that you upgrade to or add will incur additional costs. Rest assured we will always notify you of any increase in the contract price, we require and electronic signature prior to proceeding.
We specialise in custom home building, so we encourage you to be involved in the design of your new home – it is such a rewarding experience! We will work in partnership with you to organise an initial meeting with our designer to establish your new home requirements. Our designer will draft up some concepts based on your design brief and our expertise in costs. Throughout the entire design process we provide you with accurate costings prior to moving onto the next set of plans as well as professional support and feedback from a builders perspective. You will find more details under OUR PROCESS
All licensed builders are issued with a licence card from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Before signing a building contract, you must ensure that your builder is licensed – you can do this by asking to see the builder’s licence card or you can do an online licensee search on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website
Not sure if a custom builder is right for you? Let’s answer the below questions.
  1. Do you have a block or your eye on a block (regardless of if it has a house on it)?
  2. Do you want to have a house designed just to suit your needs?
  3. Do you want a personal touch and high level communication with your builder?
If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, its highly likely that you will have the most enjoyable building outcome by working with a custom home builder. One key aspect of working with a custom home builder is that they don’t have square meter rates. This is because their one off designs have personalised touches which meet the clients needs. Custom homes are more time consuming and challenging to build with benefit being the outcome and final product is more satisfying and built exactly to your brief and budget. Imagine putting your dream home on paper, then building it. You have complete freedom of choice with a custom home, and with the right builder guiding you, making final choices can be a fun and enjoyable experience, lets consider the below:
  • Your home can be built exactly tailored to your lifestyle
  • You can work with an architect you know, or we can put you in touch with one of our highly experienced architects
  • You can work in one on one with the architect and the builder together – this means more collaboration and costs are known from the start.
  • You’ll be more involved in the process and have the opportunity to make many decisions with guidance from an experienced team including art architect and the Builder.
The term “custom home” doesn’t always equate with “expensive”.  Often the trap of volume builders is signing you at a low price and then adding variations. With a custom home the budget is set by you at the beginning and a house designed to work with your budget and to maximise your value for money. One thing to consider with building a custom home is that process of designing a custom home can take a lot longer than a project home. There are more choices to make and this can lead to some emotional ups and downs, which is why choosing a custom home builder is all about the people your working with, rather than the square meter rate (as is the case with volume builders). So when you build with a custom home builder your only restrictions are your budget and time.
The answer to this is Yes. We have a team of tradesmen who move from one project to another with us. Our only reason for changing the “Team” is due to lack of performance. All new trades are carefully vetted against the following criteria;
  • Leading hands must have a minimum of 10 years or more experience.
  • All tradesmen must be fully licensed and insured (both public liability and personal accident/income protection)
  • The tradesmen all communicate with our online management systems, this includes their strict schedule they adhere to. This ensures your new home is built on time.
This ensures that there is complete continuity in quality of the build and quality of service delivered to you, our clients.
We are more than Happy to look at your plans price them for you. One thing that we have to be really careful of is the copyright to those plans. Australia has strict copyright laws and both parties can be liable for prosecution if the laws are breached. Releasing plans from copyright usually needs written consent from the owner and legal advice should be undertaken for the right advice.
We offer a full interior design consultation, in one of our early meeting this topic is touched on to see if it is something you need help with to achieve the ultimate combination. We have our own interior designer who is more than happy to create a mood board for you or take you on a shopping trip to organise all your selection items and colour selections in one trip and provide professional advice along the way.
From the day we turn dirt to start the footings until the day you are able to move in varies depending on the type of home that suits your lifestyle. Generally speaking the average home takes between 20 - 28 weeks depending on the size and the finishes. Your construction schedule is given to you prior to signing a contract so you will know your move in date prior to starting.
Absolutely, You are more than welcome to come on site with a member of the Capri Building Group team. This will need to be pre arranged to ensure all strict safety policies are met. We make sure all of our staff, tradesmen, suppliers and visitors are safe at all times. It is imperative that this policy is maintained throughout the entire course of construction.
Capri Building Group uses cutting edge technology that keeps you up to date 24 hours a day 7 days a week, daily logs are added by our Project managers to give you an in depth summary of what has happened on site during the day including photos. The technology also provides you with an interactive schedule that all our tradesmen are logged into so we never have a set back. You are also able to communicate directly with our team through the app or via the log in through our website, this allows all communication to be in one place so you are never looking for that deleted email. There is also the selection centre with allows you to be in total control of your budget if during the build you decide to upgrade certain fittings, then you are able to do so. You are even able to go through and like all the upgrades you want prior to selecting them so you can see where your budget will end up.
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