Design Trends For Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Custom Home Builds
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Sunshine coast custom built homes

Thinking about a Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast custom built home? Here are the design trends that will last the test of time in 2021?

Sunshine coast custom built homes

When it comes to interior design trends it can be a tricky balancing act. It is all about ensuring you have a current look with flare and style whilst being able to maintain that look for years to come if necessary without it becoming stale or dated.

So what are the main trends for 2021 that will stay true to form far beyond this year?

The first is what is referred to as Neutral Luxe. This is a combination of high sophistication that appears effortless whilst integrating striking pieces giving the overall look of calming elegance throughout your home.

Incorporating a soft, neutral colour palette will aide in you achieving the perfect blend of warmth and richness. Colours like beige, camel, caramel and even muted browns will work well with black or white accents and bring your space to life. 

Add to this interesting shapes and patterns and you now have yourself a fully realised, luxe and neutral style throughout your home.

The next main trend that will stand the test of time is what we call Earthy Organic.

For those of you that are familiar with the ‘boho’ look this is almost an extension of that whilst pulling you away from the whitewash background and starting to introduce earthy tones and colours.

The organic feel is also healing in some respects, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle or still recovering from the year that was 2020.

An overall much more moody and softened style, it provides a relaxed atmosphere evoking bohemian charm with a balanced, cosy feel.

The colour palette is a little more daring with cooler greens as well as subtle apricot or a warm beige. Compliment these with browns and whites and once again you have the earthy tones surrounding you.

The pieces to adorn the rooms should avoid being high shine or glossy and stick to more muted tones and materials like rattan, textured wall hangings and handcrafted furniture. Add some weaving or embellishments throughout the space and you have created a layered and timeless sanctuary.

The third and final trend that will come as no surprise due to its staying power is Modern Industrial.

For those who are more open to grittier textures and darker tones to set the mood it is a much harder, stronger style deeply rooted into the building itself.

The colour palette will come as no surprise with black and white being the main players here. Adding in shades of grey allows the overall look to remain monochromatic. By then introducing warm tans, olive greens and petrol blues into the mix your are sure to create interest whilst maintaining the industrial aesthetic.

The use of concrete, leather, exposed lighting and marble are almost necessary elements to give layers and life to the space. Clean lines throughout the rooms also create that striking, crisp look.

Adding in some greenery in the form of plants, whether architectural or not, softens the look so it is not too abrasive but keeps a sense of elegance amongst the strong features and materials.

These 3 trends are sure to maintain their integrity and substance over the course of years so not only will you be able to enjoy every element of each one, but you’re also ensuring a modern, considered appearance for a long time to come.

What is your favourite trend? Speak to a professional builder today that understands everyone has individual tastes and knows how to bring them to life.

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