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The building process explained helping you find the right custom home builder

Are you aware that upwards of 70% of building designs are never built? 

This is mainly due to the fact that during the design process there are no mathematical calculations on the costs involved to complete the build being factored into the process.

We would like to explain why Capri Building Group does things differently in comparison to other custom home builders in South East Queensland whilst offering a road map as to what you should expect from any custom home builder in general.

We work very closely with our clients throughout the entire design phase so that your new home will get built on time and on budget. This is all due to having a firm and proven process.

A professional builder who specializes in one area of building and who has years of experience in this field combined with a professional team of designers/architects is genuinely the complete package.

We would like to give our advice to prospective clients that the only way to ensure that costs are known throughout the design phase is to work with an experienced professional builder who guides the designers & architects thus implementing the most cost-effective building procedures.

Today we are going to share with you Capri Building Group’s proven 7 step process from concept to completion as an example of what you should expect from any builder allowing you to compare and assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to deciding the right builder for you. 

Let’s step through the full process now:

1. Your initial consultation

This is the stage we go through to learn more about who you are, what you are hoping to achieve, and gain a real sense of what your perfect home design looks like. This also allows us to commence the early preliminary stages. Of course, there’s absolutely no charge to have phone conversations prior to this until you deem it appropriate for an on-site meeting with our Director, Chris Eades.

Timeline:  1 Day

Inclusions: An in-person meeting with the company director, Chris, onsite for a detailed walk-through together (or a dedicated Zoom meeting during COVID-19 if anyone at home is unwell or in quarantine). This is to go through very specific details after we have made initial steps towards what you are hoping to achieve throughout our first couple of phone conversations. Please see the link below to see more detail on what this covers. 

(Here is the link to our website for this initial consultation pack – )

2. Concept Design and Estimation

– Project set up including site measure & search fees

– Concept Plans including 2 hours of free amendments

– Meet with the designers to discuss your building brief 

– Detailed estimate on costs provided

Timeline: 2 to 4 weeks

3. Preliminary Design and Estimation

– Preliminary Drawings including 1 hour of free amendments 

– Cover page, site plan, floor plan, dimension plan, elevations & 3D views

– Conduct Soil testing and contour surveys 

Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks

At this point, our designers are now working with you to develop your building plans. You are closely involved at every step and once you have selected Capri Building Group as your preferred builder, you are granted 24/7 access to our online portal and mobile application once a contract is signed. This allows you full access to your project details, selections, schedules, milestones, and costs.

4. Working Drawings, Planning, and Approval Selections

This is one of the first really exciting stages where together we now complete working drawings and finalize selections. Having the client portal mentioned earlier means you are in total control of your budget throughout this whole process avoiding the need for prime costs or provisional sums. This is all done whilst your plans have been submitted to the council for approval. So to break it down, in this stage you have:

– Your working drawings completed

– Engineering design

– All selections, fixtures, and finishes are entered into your online portal

– Private certifier engaged and all plans submitted for approval

– Energy efficiency finalized.

Timeline: 4-10 Weeks

5. Contract & Finance

This stage is one of the most imperative to the entire process as this is where we are able to provide you with a fixed price contract after now having all information required to do so.

We provide you with your final proposal and a fixed-price contract. Once your contract is signed, we then provide you with a bank pack to finalize approval of your finance, pay your deposit, and lock in the all-important start date.

Timeline: 4 Weeks

6. Building Process

This is where you can log in at any stage to see your selections, where the budget sits, add and receive communications, progress shots of your build, and even what weather is coming in relation to your project address. 

We continue to work closely with you at every turn and always welcome questions along the way should they arise.

In the meantime, we have our site supervisor ensuring the seamless build of your brand new custom home continues to remain on time and on budget.

Timeline: 5-12 months

7. Practical Completion

We personally show you through your completed home, showing you through each feature and individual appliance so you know everything is as it should be from day one.

You then enjoy your 7-year structural warranty and follow-up communications from us to ensure you love your new build as much as we know you will.

That is our complete process offering complete transparency regarding how the journey will take shape and helping create a fair expectation for anyone looking to build a custom home.  The goal here is to provide you with a clearer picture of how we guide you through this entire journey as well as the timeline associated with each stage so that there are no surprises.

Please take your time to review each step and note down any questions or concerns you may have so that we can answer them for you and clarify any details you may need to confirm before proceeding any further when making potentially the biggest decision of your life.

Go ahead and click on the link below to speak to one of our friendly and professional team members today and let us guide you through the truly exciting adventure of building a luxury custom home in the most beautiful place in the world.

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