Building a canal front home on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast?
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Your questions answered about building on a canal front property on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are both renowned for their beautiful location by the sea and a big part of that appeal comes from the huge canal system that runs through both regions.

What this does is provide a litany of properties that are able to be built on the waterfront bestowing homeowners with incredible views, direct access to the waterways and a genuine sense of achievement that such an exclusive property and location is their own.

What we want to do is address some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to building a new home on a canal front property so that anyone considering this as an option is able to enter into their project with a little more confidence and able to make more informed decisions.

What additional costs are associated with building on a canal front property?

The first and most obvious increase in costs are in relation to the land itself, whether a vacant block or a knock down rebuild, as it is considered prime real estate and is subject to genuine scarcity. The only way the scarcity element would be lessened is if development and town planning are aiming at creating further canal systems on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast which at this stage is pretty unlikely for the near future.

Other factors that may come into play that add costs to your custom build would be the addition of things like boat sheds and a jetty should your intention be to build these into your project. The boat shed is relatively straight forward and, as per your home, would simply be the cost of the materials and construction and associated costs that come with that. 

Flood levels may also be updated in future which could affect the height requirements for buildings causing a subsequent increase in costs as a result. 

The jetty is a slightly different story where there are certain steps that need to be taken and adhered to so that you end up with a long lasting, quality product. One of the main things to take into consideration is the actual concrete used for the boat ramp. The concrete used has to be a higher rated product to combat the salt water element which of course incurs additional costs to implement, however is completely necessary. Concrete boat ramps are also only poured at a king low tide which once again may incur additional costs if this is outside standard hours of business.

A lot of the elements in the home would also need special products to combat salt air corrosion for any exposed building materials which do also incur some additional costs. 

In summary, every single home is different so the costs will ultimately vary depending on each project and what it includes.

How will building on a canal front property affect my timeline for completion?

To begin with, what we have just mentioned regarding pouring concrete jetties is certain to add some additional time to the project, although this would have a fairly minimal impact on the overall build time and would, or at the very least should, be built into the timeline expectations prior to commencing the build.

Other than this and any other additions outside of the actual home itself, you will find it is a relatively similar experience as if you were working on a non waterfront block.

Are there more restrictions or legislative requirements placed on a project for a waterfront home?

Once again you will be pleased to know that it is a fairly standard process of lodging approvals and seeking certification as it would be for a non waterfront when it comes to restrictions or extra requirements for approvals. There is of course the same rules that apply to any standard build such as height restrictions and the set out (distance from the boundary) so it is important to discuss the design of your home with a professional builder prior to making any plans or before you are paying to get concepts drawn up.

What if it is a knock down rebuild project that is required?

You will likely find that a large portion of available waterfront or canal blocks will require the knock down of an existing property for you to ready it for your brand new luxury custom home. 

As per one of our recent blog articles, there is nothing to fear when it comes to knock down rebuilds. A professional builder will already take this into consideration from the very start enabling them to manage your budget and timeline effectively. You will find the additional costs to knock down an existing dwelling may be less than you once thought and also has very little impact on the timeline itself. 

Things like asbestos removal, being mindful of the neighbouring properties, rubbish removal and onsite regulations are all taken care of by your builder which takes the pressure off you and allows you to enjoy the experience at its various stages.

So if you are considering a waterfront or canal home on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, the one point we need to get across is the absolute scarcity of these blocks. It pays to open up the options by looking at knock down rebuilds or speak to your real estate agent and ask about off the market properties that may be available or upcoming. The next step from there is to secure your slice of paradise and speak to a professional, local builder that shares your vision and excitement of a home you never thought possible in the most beautiful location on the planet. 

Click on the link below and start your journey today by looking through our luxury home design range and we will see you in paradise!